Our Team

Dr Hyun Soo Yu BDSc (Hons) (Melb)

Hyun Soo graduated from Melbourne University in 2006 received honours. He practiced up in Sydney for six years until he joined our practice in early 2012. Extremely gentle, with a great personality to boot, he has been a welcome addition to the Grey Street Dentist team. Hyun Soo is thorough and therefore takes his time when it comes to the patients concerns. In keeping up with the constant change in techniques and materials, he attends as many courses as he can so we can always give our patients the best of the best. In his free time, Hyun Soo enjoys the great outdoors, trying to get away to explore when he gets a chance.

Dr Qing Hui Fang – BHS MD

Dr Qing graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry and Master of Dentistry from La Trobe University. During his training, he has completed clinical placements across Regional Victoria including Bendigo and Wodonga. Prior to joining Grey St Dentist, Qing has worked at various dental clinics, making him well versed in interacting with different patients.

Qing is known to be friendly, caring and hardworking by his patients. He would go the extra mile to ensure he delivers individualized and optimal care to his patients. Apart from that, he constantly strives to learn and improve his knowledge by constantly attending to different professional development courses.

Aside from Dentistry, Qing enjoys playing badminton and travelling.

Dr Shaun Yulin Weng B-BMED, DDS (Melb)

Dr Shaun obtained the degrees Bachelor of Biomedicine and Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Melbourne. Graduating Top of his class, he is the recipient of the John Illife Scholarship Prize, the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Academic Prize, the Colgate Dental Award and placed in the Dean’s Honours List. He has experience in both private and public sectors of dentistry as well as practicing in rural parts of Victoria. Born and raised in Melbourne, Shaun has always valued the importance of integrity, hard work and empathy. He believes in treating every patient as if he was working on his own family, taking the time to understand and utilise his expertise to achieve best possible outcomes. In his spare time, Shaun loves to cook for his family and friends, exercise in the gym and watch the latest movies.

Dr Nelson Ung B-Biomed(Hons) DDS (Melb)

Dr Nelson completed his Bachelor of Biomedicine and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees at The University of Melbourne. Before joining the team at Grey Street Dentist, he has had years of experience in public and private clinics across Victoria. Described by his patients as easy-going, gentle and thorough, he ensures that each visit to the dentist is a pleasing experience. Nelson excels at educating his patients, informing them about their dental needs and procedures in an understandable and comprehensive manner. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry, from preventive check-ups through to more complex treatment, such as crowns, root canal therapy, and wisdom teeth removal. Meticulous in his work, he is committed to delivering high quality treatment to his patients. Outside of dentistry, Nelson enjoys playing tennis and soccer, snowboarding, watching the footy, and binge-watching TV shows.

Ara – Practice Manager

Ara has been working with us since 2012. She has worked as a dental assistant for many years and has vast amount of knowledge in various fields of dentistry. She is very interested in jewellery design and pursued further to achieve a qualification in jewellery design. Apparently, tools in jewellery are similar to dental tools…

Lilybeth – Clinical Co-ordinator

Lilybeth joined our practice in early 2012. She grew up in the Philippines and is very much enjoying the ‘Aussie’ lifestyle. Lilybeth understands that coming to the dentist can sometimes be tough so she’ll always be there for a hand to hold or that little bit of reassurance. She enjoys a good joke too, so don’t be shy! Her hobbies include hiking, watching a good flick and relaxing on a Sunday.

Chi – Front Desk Manager

Chi began her journey with Grey Street Dentist in mid 2020 with background as a physiotherapy and social work student at Monash and RMIT University. Chi has a strong interest in allied health services, including dentistry and a growing passion for helping people get the best healthcare possible. At Grey Street Dentist, Chi will make sure that you have a smooth visit and enjoy your check-up so please feel free to have a good chat with her or ask any questions that you have regarding what is involved in your dental session. When not at work, Chi volunteers at Monash Children’s hospital and helps the medical staff take care of the lovely kids. In her free time, Chi also loves exploring nature, going for a hike or simply enjoying a nice brunch date on a Sunday.

Emily – Dental Assistant

Emily started working as a team member at Grey St Dentist since early 2018 with previous experience in private dental clinics across Melbourne. She is qualified from Latrobe University with Bachelor of Health Sciences major in Health Information Management (Class 2016). With patient centered approach, she does all her best to ensure our working days run smoothly and effectively and patients always are at ease for their dental experience. Emily enjoys reading and writing with a cup of green tea latte on Sunday.

Jen – Dental Assistant

Jen joined the team of Grey St Dentist since early 2019. She is a current student of Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Melbourne and graduating in the end of 2021. Jen greatly enjoys the journey of dentistry, in particular communicating and attending to patients’ concerns and keeping you on top of your oral health. At work Jen makes the best effort to ensure every patient feel welcomed and comfortable in the dental chair with her calm and gentle being. In her leisure time Jen loves reading, drawing and watching movies.

Sylvia – Dental Assistant

Sylvia joined our practice in late 2020, coming from previous experience at a very small clinic out in rural Vitoria. She is currently studying Dietetics at Deakin University, with the hopes to enter not only clinical work, but further research into the micro biomed and its connection to the brain through the foods we eat. Sylvia understands that coming to the dentist can be a difficult experience for some, and will always try her hardest to make you feel comfortable with a friendly chat and a smile! Sylvia’s hobbies include nutrition research, keeping fit and creating new and interesting recipes for people who struggle with allergies and intolerances.

Viveka – Dental receptionist

Viveka, grew up in Sri Lanka and completed her bachelor’s degree in International Business Economics at the University of Manchester, UK. She moved to Australia in early 2020 and joined the Grey Street Team in December 2020. She is a customer centric focused individual with an extensive background in customer service and event planning. She does her best to ensure patients have the best possible experience, from first contact to when they leave the clinic. She is a keen foodie and an even keen traveller getting to know different cultures and backgrounds.