Grey Street Dentist proudly offer dentures to the residents of St Kilda and surrounding suburbs of St Kilda West, St Kilda East, Balaclava, Middle Park, Albert Park and Elwood.

So at some stage you’ve probably seen your grandparents wearing a pair of falsies? Well, dentures aren’t just for ‘old’ people. There are many reasons why people may require them.

Firstly, dentures can come in a few different forms. They could be a full acrylic denture which have all top or bottom teeth, or a partial acrylic or metal denture which will be more like a plate with anywhere from one up to thirteen teeth. Generally partial dentures will have clasps which help give retention so the denture isn’t moving about when you eat or talk.

The most important thing when it comes to making a new denture is that they look as natural as possible. Not to mention fit as well as they can. So generally there will be a few appointments involved so we can achieve the best outcome possible.
dentures st kilda

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