One Visit Digital Dentistry CEREC – Single Visit Crowns

CEREC is an advanced computerised system that enables us to create and place highly detailed tooth-coloured fillings and restorations. Now we have a single visit filling material which is strong, looks good and wears well, for a long time.

CEREC takes a 3D digital model of your tooth on a computer, and then makes a porcelain restoration to replace your missing tooth.

Your new restoration starts with a block of ceramic which has been engineered to be almost identical to human enamel. A computer-driven robot then shapes the ceramic into a perfectly fitting, beautifully aesthetic porcelain inlay.

Because the block is manufactured under industrial conditions, the ceramic is free of imperfections, leading to very strong porcelain inlays that are extremely durable

  • No unpleasant impression material

  • No follow-up appointment

  • No bothersome temporary prosthesis

Dental Prosthesis in just a single visit!

1. After the consultation, a camera captures the area to be treated.

2. The dental prosthesis is then created as a 3D model on the computer.

3. Afterwards, the restoration created on the computer is subsequently milled from a ceramic block.


4. Just a little while later, the finished ceramic restoration is inserted.


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