9 mistakes that you may be making while brushing your teeth. It’s something you (should) do twice a day, every day. But it’s not as simple as just scrubbing and rinsing. 1. Using the wrong toothbrush: All toothbrush bristles have a rating — hard, medium, soft, and extra soft. Just ignore the medium and hard bristles altogether. Hard and medium brushes will eventually wear out the enamel of your teeth and cause a traumatic recession of gums especially if done the wrong way.


It’s the inconvenient truth. It’s the day before a long holiday and you gather together in front of the most amazing din-ner with the people you most love. You bite into that nice juicy steak you have been craving for all day and suddenly you hear a “CRUNCH”. You’ve bitten into bone or some-thing hard. Oh well, it happens. But then you feel this elec-tric shock on the next bite and you feel it with your tongue, only to realize half of your tooth is missing. WHAT NOW?


Cavities/ caries are permanent damage to the tooth that occurs as a result of bacterial acid attacks. They can happen on any age groups: such as infants to elderly.  Its cause are combinations of these factors: susceptible tooth, bacteria, sugar and time. Bacteria in the mouth decompose food debris and/or sugar stuck on the teeth and produce acids, which given enough time will destroy the tooth enamel (the outer layer of the tooth), causing the formation of cavities.