Grey Street Dentist proudly offers crowns and bridges to patients in the local St Kilda, St Kilda East, Balaclava, Elwood, Albert Park, Middle Park, Windsor and Prahran areas.


A crown or what some people ‘caps’ are a type of artificial restoration that encases the tooth. The outside shell is most commonly made from porcelain in your current tooth colour (please note: porcelain doesn’t change colour, so if you’re not quite happy with the shade of your teeth, it’s best to whiten beforehand otherwise it can be an expensive change in the future). The internal structure can be made from metal, zirconia, or gold alloy. Some people request full gold crowns which is definitely an option on a case by case basis.

There are many reasons why
people need crowns:

*Cosmetic changes – We can use crowns to cosmetically enhance the look of your teeth or smile.

*Functionality – Unfortunately at times teeth can break. This can be due to a large old filling causing it to be weakened over time, an accident or perhaps biting into something hard like nuts or pork crackling at Christmas time!

*To strengthen or protect – Previously root canal treated teeth can be fragile and majority of the time the dentist will recommended placing a crown. This will keep the tooth protected and give it the extra strength it needs for day to day use.


A dental bridge is used to span an empty space between two teeth, which usually occurs after a tooth has been lost or extracted. These are generally done in two or three units with one or two crowns at each end with a pontic (where the missing tooth is) in the middle.

This is a slightly cheaper alternative to implants. Keep in mind that each case needs to be individually assessed to see if this is the most suitable option.