What do you do when your tooth is broken?

It’s the inconvenient truth. It’s the day before a long holiday and you gather together in front of the most amazing din-ner with the people you most love. You bite into that nice juicy steak you have been craving for all day and suddenly you hear a “CRUNCH”. You’ve bitten into bone or some-thing hard. Oh well, it happens. But then you feel this elec-tric shock on the next bite and you feel it with your tongue, only to realize half of your tooth is missing. WHAT NOW?

Obvious thing is to call the dentist but what if nobody is open?

Here are some tips until you have it properly fixed

  • Go to the chemist – get some temporary filling material or get orthodontic wax. Then cover any holes or sharp edges so it doesn’t end up cutting your tongue and cause more grief. Worst case scenario, chewing gum can also do the trick temporarily.
  • Don’t eat or drink where the broken tooth is. Teeth have very sensitive nerve endings which are exposed to the mouth when they are broken. If you have anything that is cold or hot it will become aggravated and cause lots of pain.
  • If the tooth is broken due to a traumatic incident, then apply pressure to any bleeding areas, and ice pack to reduce swelling and seek emergency dental care immediately.
  • Call up your dentist to get it fixed asap. If we are yours (which we hope that is the case) or even not, feel free to ring us up at (03) 9534 4017 to see one of our dentists straight away.

Why is your tooth broken? 

Like most things though, broken teeth can be pre-vented. We all wonder why the tooth breaks when we are eating the softest things. Well answer is that it probably had been there for a long time before it finally got so weak that the softest thing had broken the tooth.

Teeth can break due to number of reasons:

  • Decay – decay hollows out the tooth and once it becomes big enough then all of a sudden, it collapses, leaving holes and sharp edges
  • Grinding – Believe it or not, most people grind their teeth to a certain extent. Some people grind more than others and leading to gradual weakening of teeth and eventually, breakages or splits.
  • Bad habits –If you are a nail biter or you like opening beer bottles with your teeth, it is highly likely you are doing some damage without even knowing. Teeth are hard but all hard things can be brittle. Definitely a big NO from us.

*Dentistry facts* Fact #1:

Like fingerprints, everyone’s tongue print is different. And…you guessed it, your teeth are also unique as well! No one has the same shape and size of teeth as another and this is the reason why dental records play an important role in identifying human remains (yes you probably have seen the police doing this in movies!). So it is never too late to protect and preserve your uniqueness and make sure your teeth always stay healthy :):)

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